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A secondary school revision resource for OCR GCSE Science about understanding our environment, photosynthesis and respiration.
Limiting factors. The main factors affecting rate of photosynthesis are light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature. In any given situation any one of these may become a limiting factor, in other words the factors that directly affects the rate at which photosynthesis can take place masking the effects of the other.
What factor most affects the rate of photosynthesis? The main variables which affect photosynthesis are light, water, CO2 concentration and temperature. On a deeper level, other factors like amount of chlorophyll, availability of nutrients (eg Mg is needed for chlorophyll synthesis) will also affect the rate of photosynthesis,
Many external and internal factors affect the rate of photosynthesis. The external or environmental factors at:A light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.
What is photosynthesis? Learn about the environmental factors that affect the rate at which photosynthesis happens. Then, take a quiz to test your...
The following points highlight the fifteen main factors affecting photosynthesis. The factors are: 1. Temperature 2. Carbon Dioxide Concentrations 3. Light 4. Intensity 5. Quality 6. Duration 7. Oxygen 8. Water 9. Mineral Elements 10. Air Pollutants 11. Chemical Compounds 12. Chlorophyll Contents 13. Protoplasmic Factor 14
What are some of the factors that affect photosynthesis? In the photosynthesis investigation, you will compare the photosynthetic light response curve of your leaf to that studied by another group. To adequately explain your result in your lab reports, you will need to discuss some of the factors that affect the rate of
The term rate always involves time, so the rate of photosynthesis can be considered to be how fast photosynthesis takes place. This can be measured by the amount of glucose produced by a plant over a given time. This topic is especially important to scientist and farmers. By understanding the factors that affect the rate of
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